Eliminating the HOPE inequalities among youths in Japan.

Shall we support the teenagers who wish to go on to the next stage of education after leaving children’s homes together?

Mostly due to child abuse or other special conditions at their families, approximately 30,000 children cannot rely on their parents and have to live at children’s homes.
However, they have to leave those institutions at 18 years old when they graduate from high school, and start living independently.
Without sufficient (both financial and mental) support from their families or societies, most of them are disappointed  about their future, and likely to give up going to the higher-level of education.

University / Professional School enrollment rate…23%  (National average 77%)
Dropout rate …25% (3 times more than national average)

“Canayell” is a unique program which provides/encourages not only scholarship but also motivation.


The first lump-sum: JPY 300,000
JPY 30,000 per month until graduation


Speech contest:
Every summer we hold “Dream-speech contest” where candidates give speeches about “My dream” in front of audiences.
Each speaker prepares the speech with 3 volunteers’ support. Those volunteers dig deeply into the speaker’s inside, how the candidate feels, or why he/she has came up such a dream, etc.  Children are also given the opportunities to take  professional interview and speech training.
The experience of giving a public speech brings them a confident and courage in the end.

Support the Dream-speech contest.

Struggling against adverse circumstances, they are striving for a dream.
We’d like you to join!
Canayell Speech Contest 2017 will be held in 3 cities, Tokyo, Yokohama, and Fukuoka.
Revenue generated by ticket sales will be donated to the scholarship.

Dream speech contest

Tokyo :July 8th (Sat) at Nissho Hall
Yokohama:July 1st (Sat) at Tsurumi Kokaido
Fukuoka : July 9th (Sun) at Kurokawa Hibishin Hall

*Speech from youths (scholarship receivers) who live in children’s home , screening VTR how they prepare for the speech
*Dream ticket (entrance ticket) : JPY 5,000 (Tokyo ,Yokohama), JPY 3,000 (Fukuoka)
We also provide a ticket for “a continuous scholarship supporter”.

Web Applications


NPO Bridge For Smile
Yurika Uemura

tel: 080-3316-2074

E-mail: info@canayell.jp
The host : Canayell planning committee http://www.canayell.jp
Operator :NPO Bridge For Smile http://www.b4s.jp